Why Squarespace is My First Choice for Small Businesses

Throughout my website you’ll have seen me referring to Squarespace website design a lot. I describe myself as a Squarespace web designer and in my design packages I talk about providing a Squarespace website. By this point you’re probably starting to wonder how many times I can use the word Squarespace in one paragraph...or maybe you’re wondering if they sponsor me! Well, firstly I think we’re currently at five mentions so far, and secondly, unfortunately I am not sponsored by Squarespace, I just really love working with their website builder.

What is Squarespace?

There are a number of different ways you can build a website.

Custom Code

The most flexible and customisable version would be one written in custom code - this is where the website is written in developer code and really only comes to life once it has been uploaded to a host and published online. Excellent for large websites that have very complex requirements when it comes to handling information and providing bespoke functionality, but not at all user friendly if you are not a web developer.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

If you’ve started to look into websites for your business you have probably come across WordPress, which is by far the most popular and commonly used CMS. Originally designed specifically for blog websites, WordPress has now evolved into a platform that can host all types of websites. It can range from having a custom coded design, to using a premade template that you design and use. This is the middle man as far as how complicated it is to use. There are templates that allow for drag and drop designing and on page editing, however there is still a requirement for working with the ‘back end’ settings, organising a host for your website and updating any templates and plug-ins you may use.

Website Builders

Builders are usually online software that host the website and often manage the domain at the same time. They could be viewed as a one stop shop and are by far the most user friendly of the three options. This does come at a small price in that certain customisations and functionality may not be possible, or will require the work of a web developer to provide some bespoke customisation. However, most websites don’t require anything too out of the ordinary and web builders can handle shops, galleries and blogs very easily. Common website building platforms are Wix, ShowIt, Shopify and Squarespace.

Why is Squarespace my pick?

You’ll be getting the impression, from my summary above, that I think website builders are the way forward if you want an easy to use website and Squarespace tops the list of website builders in that area.

When I am finished designing a website for a client, one of the most important things to me is that they are not left in a complete panic that they have a website but are afraid to touch anything in case it all falls to bits. I want my clients to have the confidence to log in and make updates and changes to their site as their business evolves, as well as being able to add in testimonials, update their services or galleries and publish blog posts. For me, Squarespace is that platform that allows me enough flexibility and creativity to create a bespoke website that serves the types of businesses I work with, but is easy enough for clients to maintain after handover.

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Is it expensive?

To check the current Squarespace pricing you can head over here.

There are a few different packages you can choose from when creating your account, and they will allow you to work to any budget. The majority of clients that I work with use either of the lowest two tiers - the Personal or Business plans. Personal is great if you are new in business and don’t have many complex requirements for your site. Business allows more options for marketing your website through pop-ups, mobile specific contact bars and promo messages. It is also a more cost effective option if you plan to sell anything through the shop page on your site as the fees are slightly reduced. If selling products through your site is a major part of your business then there are Commerce plans that reduce the fees even further.

Included in your annual subscription is the hosting of your site and your website address. I find that the business owners I work with love that everything can be through the one platform and they aren’t getting bogged down with multiple accounts.

So that’s my run down of the Squarespace platform and why I use it in my design business. If you have any more questions about Squarespace or websites in general please drop me a message or a comment below.


Why squarespace is my first choice for small businesses